From MD's Desk

The Following are the conditions for accepting goods for Shipping: It is imperative that you provide us with a detailed information on your intended shipment so as to render you our best possible services.

1.     When clearing personal items, the customers must attend the customs office with our staff during the clearing process.

2.     A copy of the customer`s passport and /or citizenship papers must be kept with the shipping documents.

3.     The customers and/or their suppliers must fill up a declaration form when goods are being delivered.

4.     When Aseatic Traders and Exporters acts as shipper, Speedway Cargo must do the packing of the all the goods in our warehouse.

5.     When goods are delivered, and a Declaration form has been filled out, a thorough check must be carried out to verify whether they are correctly matched and are complete.

6.     An information form must be completed for each customer`s shipment.

7.     Please notify us beforehand if you have any fragile or anything which needs special packing.

8.     Speedway Cargo will only pick up goods from the supplier`s shop, factory or warehouse. Deliveries from outside addresses will not be accepted.

9.     We will only accept goods that are accompanied by a supplier`s bill with supplier`s name, company name, address, customer`s name and duly stamped by the supplier.

10. If a supplier does not have his own bill then whoever delivers the goods must fill in the declaration form & countersign accordingly.