From MD's Desk

The registered Firm or Company is eligible to import the goods into Nepal, Tribhuvan international Airport (TIA), Kathmandu is the only gateway for traffic by air in Nepal except for prohibited and quantitatively restricted item. No license is required for imports. For the import from India, the payment is made normally in India currency but for procurement of some industrial raw material and machinery, payment in hard currency can also be made as per notification of Nepal Rastra Bank for the product specified. The firm or company to follow up the procedure of import is required to prepare and present the following documents for import into Nepal by Air for custom clearance.

  • Nepal custom import declaration form.
  • Latter of authority for clearing Agents to act on behalf of the importer.
  • Air way bill.
  • Performa Invoice.
  • Packing list.
  • Certificate of origin (this is required only for tariff concession for goods originating in Tibet Autonomous Region of People’s Republic of China, SAPTA member countries and MFN Rate of countries having bilateral agreements with Nepal).
  • Certificate of Insurance Policy.
  • Foreign Exchange Declaration Form of Nepal Rastra Bank.
  • Certified copy of L/C.
  • Company Registration Certificate.
  • VAT/PAN registration certificate.
  • Permission from Plant Quarantine Section of Department of Agriculture for import of plants and plants products in cluding fruits leaves & seeds.
  • Import license if applicable.

All the above documents except 3 and additional following documents are required to import for third country by sea.

  • Bill of lading.
  • Custom transit declaration.
  • Transit declaration invoice for good it transit in India/Bangladesh for import from third country.