From MD's Desk

  1. The customers must duly complete the Information Form & complete other documentation for preparing the shipment. The shipment will be assigned under S.REF NO (Speedway Reference No.) and S.B.NO (Shipment Booking No.). This process is expected to take 15-20 minutes. To help us to understand your needs and to provide you with our best service, please provide us detailed information on your intended shipment.
  2. A copy of the shipper`s passport is required.
  3. List of items delivered for shipping.
  4. The customer have to notify us beforehand if you have any fragile orvaluable items.
  5. The shipper must be present with original passport at the customs office with our personnel for the Nepalese customs clearance.
  6. Either, the goods have to be delivered to our warehouse for inspection/packaging and document preparation, or a notice to pick up the goods must be given at least 24hrs. before the intended shipment preparation.
  7. Air freight has to be prepaid in foreign currency.
  8. Minimum agent charge is US$25 and an additional US$ 1 per kg is charged for more than 25 kg. This cost covers documentation, shipment preparation, export duty, customs clearance, transportation and packaging.
  9. Normally, we leave around 12:30pm for the customs office and it takes about 2 hours(approx.) to complete the custom`s formalities.
  10. AirWay Bill will be ready around 6:30pm once a clearance has been made. You may collect the airway bill the same evening or the next day.